Quilted Pillow Protectors

Quilted Pillow Protectors


Waterproof Barrier

Our pillow protector features impermeable TPU backing that provides protection on top of the pillow. This makes it ideal for most situations such as when you want to protect your pillow from perspiration stains or from other bodily fluids and incontinence. The TPU backing (polyurethane membrane) is not only waterproof but also breathable. This allows heat and moisture to breathe through while blocking off stains, liquids, and other bacteria from the bed pillow.

TPU backing ensures that you won't hear a plastic noise when you move during the night, while the soft top provides you with unparalleled comfort.

Dust Mite Proof with Hypoallergenic Barrier

Generally preferable for allergy sufferers, this pillow protector let you sleep comfortably at night without the worry of runny eyes or stuffy noses. Dust mites are microscopic creatures, invisible to eyes that majorly causes these allergies or asthma. They lay on the dark environment as mattress or pillows and feed on human skins and makes the situation worst.

Our protector provides an impervious cover that keeps skin cells out of the pillow to act as a barrier against allergens and dust mites.

The cover is also free from Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, fire retardants, and other toxic chemicals. The material that makes our pillow protectors 100% waterproof is a TPU film which is polyurethane. We're proud to offer pillow protector that is free from these harmful substances.